Baby Safe (Cleaning) Products

Whether you’re expecting a baby or just inspired to make a healthy switch, there are a lot of natural options for cleaning products that are ideal for households. We’ll help you find the best non-toxic cleaning products and DIY options to keep your house clean and healthy, so you don’t have to worry about your baby or anyone else (pets included!) coming into contact with harmful chemicals.

Household cleaners with harsh ingredients don't only kill germs and get out tough stains. They can affect your baby's health in a number of ways.

  • Eczema. A baby's skin is sensitive, and studies have found that irritants and allergens in household cleaners and detergents can cause skin irritation.
  • Airway irritation. Powerful fumes from household cleaners can irritate your baby's airways, making allergy or asthma symptoms worse.
  • Eye irritation. Household cleaner fumes can also irritate your baby's eyes, causing redness and watering. 
  • Allergies. Some researchers believe that having a home that's too clean can increase the long-term risk of allergies in a child. 

Here are some baby (and pet) safe natural options to keep your house clean and safe:

1 – White Vinegar – the hero of natural cleaning products. This should be the staple for any parent trying to keep their house clean. Use it watered down to clean windows or taps and add it to your steam mop for the cleanest of floors. Try adding a small amount to the fabric softener compartment of your washing machine. It sounds bizarre but it will actually leave you with super soft clothes. It’s also great to help preserve the life of your washing machine.

2 – Bicarbonate of Soda – another household essential, bicarb is a great natural deodoriser and abrasive. Mix equal parts with water for a sink or bath scrub. Remove oil stains from carpets by sprinkling bicarb on, leaving for 15 mins and hoovering away.

baking soda glass jar

3 – Lemon – one of the most powerful non-toxic cleaning products is probably hiding away in your fridge right now. The humble lemon can be used instead of bleach. Add a cup of lemon juice to your washing for a refreshing scent. Cut a lemon in half and rub it over shower doors to remove mildew and water stains. Use the other half of the lemon to rub on your taps to make them bright and shiny.

lemon cut in half

4 – Salt – mix 5 tablespoons with water and spray on your shower curtain to remove mildew. We all know lemon and salt make a good combination – tequila anyone? – to make a kitchen scrub, mix these two. It’s great to scrub wooden cutting boards and surfaces. Pour some salt on half a grapefruit and run around the bath for a clean, great smelling tub.

5 – Essential Oils - one of the best-smelling, naturally antibacterial options for homemade cleaning products. Mix 15-20 drops of oil with a teaspoon of baking soda and 300ml of water to make a natural air freshener or put a few drops on a piece of kitchen roll and place it at the bottom of your bin to mask unpleasant smells. Popular oils to use are: tea tree – fights germs, bacteria and viruses, lemon – antiviral and antibacterial, rosemary – antibacterial and antiseptic, wild orange – combats grease, lavender – naturally antibacterial, eucalyptus – natural germicide, peppermint – antibacterial, pine – natural cleaner, thyme – powerful against germs, cinnamon – antibacterial and antiseptic.